Girl of the 90s

…Maybe we were never really cool at all.

When Stars Wear Scrunchies

Idolizing fans of celebrity fashion come to realize two truths.

The components of the first truth are as follows: 1. Some trends come and go, and 2. Some trends come and come back later.

Most importantly, the second truth has to do with our hierarchy as bystanders.  We recognize that celebrities have the ability to “pull off” certain looks that we, normal members of society, simply cannot.

But are celebrities invincible?  Not according to the scrunchie.  Not sure you believe me?  I invite you to take a look.


Madonna Collage

Terrible in Every Decade:

Oh awkward… Madonna’s still wearing them.
And it still looks horrible.






Sienna Miller Collage

The Good Ones Even Know They’re Bad:

For any other reason than guilt would Sienna Miller hide that beautiful face?






Paula Abdul Collage

Proof of Manipulated Discretion:

Under no other circumstance would Paula Abdul match a fabric hairpiece to a sequin turtleneck.





CZJ Collage

Repeat Offenses Point to Addictive Behavior:

Before the enslaving accessory appears on Catherine Zeta-Jones the first time, the actress had won numerous awards for her red carpet ensembles.  Her addictive behavior leaves us with anxiety that this millennium won’t allow you to get away.


Some trends belong in the past.
…And some don’t even belong in the past.
Celebrity or not, leave your scrunchies at home.


One comment on “When Stars Wear Scrunchies

  1. michellebyom
    November 24, 2013

    Hey now, in some photos in your post they aren’t so bad! :) I never had hair long enough for a scrunch. I would agree they have made a bit of a comeback.

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