Girl of the 90s

…Maybe we were never really cool at all.

The Revenge of Kate Sanders

We all know Kate Sanders.  After 2004, they had to create four Mean Girls to make up for her absence in the entertainment world.  Her character on Lizzie McGuire’s Disney sitcom stood for every bully in middle schools around the world.  She was confident, sassy, beautiful and popular, everything you loved to hate… and everything you hated yourself for being envious of.

There’s this sense of “overcoming the bully” being the saving grace of her accountability, whereas revenge is the necessary karma needed to close this chapter of your life.  Girls were mean.  Let this reflection on Kate’s coolness stand for all the other mean girls in your 90s past life.  Let the judgment from the turn of the millennium help you find peace in overcoming the middle school bullies.  Kate Sanders, and who she stands for in your life, was never even cool.  I’ll show you.

Kate Sanders wore this.

Camo Outfit

She said this.


And this.

Diss 2

She had a crush on him.


She wore her hair to school like this.

Green Hair

Lastly, and most importantly, she did this.

Stuffs Bra

Overall, like every other middle school mean girl, Kate Sanders expected this…

Ever After

And all she left behind is this horrible .gif.

Ugly Face


3 comments on “The Revenge of Kate Sanders

  1. jsand10
    October 8, 2013

    Okat 1) the content and over-all idea of this is super great. 2) I totally forgot about Kate Sanders.. hahaha.. Good ‘ole Lizzie McGuire

  2. Aixa Evenson
    October 9, 2013

    Mean Girls will never live up to the standard Kate Sanders set. This is priceless!

  3. michellebyom
    November 1, 2013

    And I’m out of the loop, not sure who Kate Sanders is :)

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