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…Maybe we were never really cool at all.

The “Face” of Nick Jr

If you were just a junior of the 90s, you remember Nick Jr.’s Face.  I’m not talking about the logo or celebrity endorsers. I’m talking about the one and only, the mysterious, the most confusing concept of a character: Face.  Despite popular belief, Face wasn’t just a friendly host that told you which Nickelodeon TV series was coming on next… lo and behold my 90s kids, Face has a special place in your heart.  Face watched you grow up from the other side of the TV screen.



Face conversed with you over meals.  During your after-school snack, he asked you about your day.  Face was like God, for even with all the other kids speaking back to him, you knew he listened to you. Face was a friend.



Face made you laugh.  He understood you.  He knew that elementary school was the hardest of times (back when you didn’t have much to compare it to).  Face lifted you up, he made you smile.  He made your day.



Face kept life interesting.  If over a decade later we remember all the faces of Face, there’s no doubt that he made an impression on us all.


3 comments on “The “Face” of Nick Jr

  1. sarfurth
    November 5, 2013

    Yes- and the horn he played every time he came on!! Thanks for posting about FACE!!

  2. mwhiting09
    November 6, 2013

    best mascot of all time!

  3. michellebyom
    November 24, 2013

    I am too old. Clueless.

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