Girl of the 90s

…Maybe we were never really cool at all.

Oh, The Places You Would Go!

In the 90s, middle schoolers loved nothing more than to run around on the colorful carpets of Chuck-E-Cheese. Pizza, games, prizes… as a middle schooler looking to escape the cruel hallways of school, who would need anything more? Not only were there video games, music, and friends there for entertainment… there’s no other memory like leaving a game after inserting your precious tokens only to run to the stage for the “live” hourly performance.

And the McDonald’s Play Place… Need I say more? There’s no better place to lose yourself than in the all-plastic, stinky, sticky world of the McDonald’s tubes.  After scarfing down your happy meal, you were ready for an extravagant adventure through the never ending tubes and slides.  After hours of scraping your back and bruising your knees, you always could count on the play place architects for installing the ball-pit as a place of rest and reenergizing. You remember taking off your shoes (so you didn’t get scolded), kicking back, and relaxing.

You remember being excited about stretching into those one pieces and slipping into the tropical waters of your germ and poop infested public, community pool.  For just a small fee of about a dollar per day, you could enjoy a day filled with 3rd degree sun burns, over priced food, and swimming in (what they swore to be) unpolluted waters! You would slip on your floaties, stay away from the deep end, and get ready to have a blast.

These places were your home.  These places were your childhood. These places were the 90s.


2 comments on “Oh, The Places You Would Go!

  1. elena
    November 16, 2013

    Wow, what a walk down memory lane!

  2. michellebyom
    November 24, 2013

    I agree with Elena (not that I remember the Play Place as a kid, I sure am there as a Mom, though. But the pool, though, yep, what a blast (do you know they used to check our feet before we went in—between the toes, too!)

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