Girl of the 90s

…Maybe we were never really cool at all.

About the Author

Childhood MosaicAs far as I’m concerned, this wasn’t my fault. The gold sequin ensemble was a gift. Do I look happy to be wearing it? My friends told me I had to own a Bratz doll to even exist in 4th grade and everybody who was somebody experienced the exhilaration of an electric scooter on a hot day. Yes, I did wear high white socks and turtlenecks but Minnesota winters are brutal.

Lastly, I simply don’t want to talk about cape.

My name is Winnie. Clearly I’ve made some mistakes. As a 90s kid, I can confidently cop out of these choices as being too young to know better. As we get further and further from the 1990s, the things we used to do become more and ridiculous.

We remember the music, the fashion, the gaming systems. The 90s.

 “It was the best of times, it was the the worst of times.” -MK&A Olsen, Olsen & Olsen Mystery Agency


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